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Lunar Killer is a game developed by TechSchool's Game Development and 3D Modeling students. It is an entry for the first LibGDX Game Jam, that takes place between December 18th, 2015 and January 18th, 2016.

The plot is quite simple. Here goes a short introduction:

"Ah, the Moon. Hanging above us, shrouding the world with its mystical, pure light. Unknown to mankind, it may be very well the bane of the Earth as it slowly approaches our planet, driven out of its will by a once brilliant scientist who has now gone mad."

"Absorbing solar energy to gain power, the nefarious Dr. Stone began to rebuild his genetically enhanced body with lunar stones. His strength became so tremendous to the point he could alter the Moon's orbit... Will my cyborg body be able to confront such a foe? I, Hervog, the Earth's last line of defense..."


LunarKiller.zip 52 MB

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